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S.C. C.H.C. Appeal No 40/2010 and HC/Civil/ Case No: 25/2007/IP

The book titled “නූතන චිත්‍ර කලාවේ රසික සංකල්ප” was authored by the artist and scholar, Mr. Kulanatha Senadheera. It was first published in 1973. The work briefly surveyed and described the development of art in the western world and also the place of art in relation to social values, western culture, western philosophy and psychology. This was, perhaps, the first work on this subject in Sinhala and the book attracted a readership, which continued over the years. Mr. Senadheera died in 1987. A second edition of the book was not published prior to his death.

SC APPEAL- TAB/01/2015

The Attorney General exhibited information in the High Court on 24-12-2012 under section 450 (4) of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act No. 15 of 1979 as amended by Act No. 21 of 1988 to try the following Accused before the High Court at Bar by three judges without a jury in respect of offences specified below The charge sheet signed by the Registrar of the High Court is given below.

SC APPEAL No. 200/2015

This matter was argued before this Court on the following questions of law:

SC. Appeal No. 41/2015 and SC/CHC Appeal 37/2008

SC Appeal No.41/2015 and SC/CHC Appeal 37/2008 were taken up together as the questions of law raised in both cases are identical and it was decided to deliver a single judgment.

M.C.Gampaha No.49353/09/PC, PHC Gampaha No.Rev.19/2014, C.A.(PHC)APN No. 123/2015 & C.A.(PHC) No. 94/2015

Learned Counsel for both parties agreed that both cases namely, C.A.(PHC) APN No.123/2015 and C.A.PHC No. 94/2015 be taken up for hearing together as it relates to the same Issue. They also concur that it would suffice for this Court to pronounce one order in respect of both the above cases. Hence this order must apply to both the above cases.

CA (PHC) 41114

This is an Appeal against the order of the Learned High Court Judge of N egombo dated 13/2/2014 and the Learned Magistrate of Wattala order dated 23/8/2011. The High Court affirmed the order of forfeiture of a vehicle No. WPJC-6572 made by the Learned Magistrate of Wattala under section 40 of the Forest Ordinance as amended by Acts Numbers 13 of 1982,84 of 1988 and 23 of 1995.

C A 277/2007

The Accused Appellant in this case was indicted by the Respondent in the High Court of Colombo under 8 counts which are as follows;

C.A. No. 242/2010

The accused appellant was indicted in the High Court of Colombo under section 19 (b) and 19 (3) of the Bribery Act on six charges. After trial he was convicted on all the charges but sentenced on the first, third and the fifth charges.